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The Power of the Central Nervous System in Alleviating Stress ~ Reset & Stop the Fight or Flight Hormone

Mar 10, 2022



How It Affects Our Central Nervous System


The Nervous System is a complex network of nerves (neurons) that are interconnected with one another. It is comprised of the Central Nervous System (CNS), which includes the brain and the spinal cord, and the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS), which is a large network of nerves. The Nervous System responds to external and internal stimuli. The neurons use electrochemical signals to give specific instructions to various parts of the body on how to react to a specific stimulus.

Stress stimulates the CNS and prepares it to meet stressful situations. During this preparation, the body goes through various physiological changes that are initiated to enable the fight or flight response. This is the function of the Autonomic Nervous System, which is comprised of the Sympathetic Nervous System and the Parasympathetic Nervous System. The Sympathetic Nervous System is responsible for stress responses,...

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There is only ONE path to our Freedom

Jan 26, 2020

Have you found that the things you thought you had resolved within yourself continue to arise? When things become challenging, are you seeing the same old patterns responding? After even decades of personal growth, we can find ourselves experiencing the same old patterns when things become difficult. There IS a way beyond these old habits and ways of being; a way that literally dissolves them from the inside out. This is the most powerful journey we can embark on in our lifetime. It is not difficult. It already is embodied within us. All we have to do is recognize it within. Wouldn't today be a good day to finally be FREE? Share what is resurfacing for you.. and I will help you to begin dissolving it for good. Your Peace, Power & Freedom Are Waiting for YOU

[email protected]

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Jan 25, 2020


Do you feel tense, rushed, fear-driven, out of control in your life and at the mercy of circumstances?
Sometimes we find ourselves in a place in life where we have forgotten that WE are the ones who get to determine what drives us. Check out my free course to assist you in reclaiming your inherent Power within. 


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Guided Meditation *The Simplicity of Our Practice ✨

Jan 06, 2020

Guided Meditation for making contact with our Inherent Peace Within.

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Complimentary Meditation Training

Jan 05, 2020

The Power of Meditation

What is Meditation Really?

How can we be successful with our own practice of Meditation?

Together we explore these questions and the true benefits of Meditation


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Every Breath

Jan 05, 2020

Every Breath Is an Opportunity to return HOME~
Simply allow yourself to drop from your mental thoughts to your breath this day. Shifting our focus not only frees us from the stress of the thoughts, it also begins to revitalize rather than drain our energy.

Try it for yourself.

Shift back and forth between mental activity and breath awareness.

What is your experience? 

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How the Subconscious Mind Can Create Resistance & How to Reprogram it for Greater Ease & Happiness

Jan 02, 2020

This is a recent training from my TV series with Transformation Tv

Moving Beyond Illness, Anxiety & Depression

Understanding and Addressing the Conscious and Subconscious Mind
In this episode, we will be exploring the power of our conscious and subconscious mind and how to work with them for our greatest benefit.
Empowering information and easy to implement


More Information on my recent Tv Series with Transformation TV

Moving Beyond Illness, Anxiety & Depression

Many of us are struggling in our day to day lives with these symptoms which have become the norm in our society today. This can leave us feeling debilitated and out of control. We may yearn to find a way to manage these things or to even heal them. This IS Possible. Christina guides us from Symptom to Source, leading us back to the truth of our being. This is an explorative journey of discovery, certainly the greatest and most fulfilling journey of our lives. Through simple practices and insight, we begin to...

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How the Stress & Relaxation Responses Affect Our Health & Wellbeing

Dec 30, 2019

For more than a decade now studies have proven to show the same results the stress and the relaxation response create in our physical and emotional bodies. Meditation has been shown time and time again not only to reduce fear, anxiety, and depression but also to create feelings of peace, and harmony. With all the evidence that shows the power of Meditation, why are more people not practicing? One of the reasons I hear over and over again is that people believe that they can not meditate. They think that their minds are too busy and they have tried and it was not pleasant for them. Another reason I find people use it that they think they are too busy and don't have the time to set aside for practice. Anti Anxiety and Depression prescriptions have shown an outrageous rise in the past 4 years and even a significant jump just in the past year alone. Why is it that we are more willing to take medications to mask the symptoms we are facing rather than give ourselves wellness that corrects...

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Dec 30, 2019
Here you will gain insight on WHY I wrote 'The Power of Our Unshakable Presence' for YOU.
Inspired from within to assist in your happiness 

Learn More

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A New Year ~ A NEW YOU❣️

Dec 30, 2019

A New Year... A NEW YOU

 This can be your year of an anxiety-free & a HAPPY YOU. Meditation is the easiest and fastest way to shift our inner and outer world.

Simple Meditation Mastery

Online Courses & Private Instruction

Will this be your year?  Peace & Contentment can be YOURS!   www.christinabauer.com 

Check out these powerful offerings that will make 2020 a year apart from any other and begin your new life free from suffering.

Commit to a year of devotion and see how drastically your life improves 

Learning to successfully meditate allows the door to open to our calm, centered, pool of contentment within. The Unshakable Presence inside of each of us is just awaiting our recognition of it. This recognition brings it forth in our experiences. Life does not have to be at the whim and mercy of circumstances. WE can choose, watch, listen, and BE the calm of any passing storm.

It is my joy to empower you to recognize your own Unshakable...

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