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What Exactly is a Midwife of the Soul?

Nov 28, 2019

A Midwife of the Soul is:
one who assists others to recognize the true essence of their Being.

This is the true essence of their Life.

One does not need to be a Spiritual or Religious person to recognize the truth of their being. The true being lies within, beyond the thoughts in our minds.

The essence of our being has nothing to do with our personalities or the stories about ourselves that we think with our minds. The essence of our being is the animating life force that breathes our breath and pumps our hearts. When this animating life force ceases to be in the body, the body dies. The life leaves it. This true self that we are is a calm center, a tranquil peace that passes understanding.

When we are aware of it and allow ourselves to feel it, it brings absolute contentment, love, joy and peace. Some have called it our ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’. Others have called it ‘consciousness’ or ‘the presence within’. Whatever name we give it is irrelevant. The gift is in the recognition of it. Some live their entire lives without ever making contact with this essence within. They become so self identified with the thoughts in their heads that it blocks the recognition of their true identity. They believe their entire lives that they are the thoughts in their heads. I have experienced people tell me that they do not have this essence that I speak of … because they have never experienced it. But I have never found one person that could not find it when they became willing and we spent some time looking for it. It is easily found once inquiry begins.

When one is facing their own death there comes a great openness to finding any peace possible. But we do not have to come to our approaching death to resurrect that which we already are.

As a midwife of the soul, I help people make this contact within, with their true self. When one makes contact with the true essence of their being, fear falls away completely. Worry, doubt and our identification with our personality also begins to fall away. They are seen for what they are, complete mind creations; not the truth of our being. True peace and liberation comes with this reunion. Being human is not an easy endeavor due to the thought creations of our minds and our identification with them.

We encounter problems of all sorts, which are exacerbated by our reactions to them. When we connect with our true selves, we stop creating problems. We stop reacting in fear, worry, doubt, self defense. We begin responding to our lives. This creates a very different outer effect. This literally transforms our entire lives, creating  peace, harmony, deep love and a greater sense of aliveness to life.

This, of course, then affects all those that are around us. It begins to dissolve the dramas and traumas of our lives. It opens us to see the truth of situations with clear insight.

It brings forth such deep gratitude that one can not hardly even imagine how they ever lived without this recognition. Indeed we would not call the life before recognition, a life at all.

It was merely existing, surviving, doing the best we could to try to find any sense of happiness and meaning in life, but none of which ever lasted for long or even touched on the depth of the ‘true life’ that we are. We all long for this. Most don't know that this is what we are longing for. Nothing in this life can truly bring fulfillment that lasts. Things, people and circumstances come and go… ever changing. We look to acquiring people, places and things for fulfillment. We think once we find the right partner, work, house or circumstances we will be happy. Whatever it is, once we have acquired it, or even ALL of it, we find that it is not the source of happiness. In fact, studies validate that the acquiring of many things actually creates far less satisfaction with life. This makes it much more difficult to experience happiness.

What we are really in search of is a sense of peace, content, fulfillment. Lasting fulfillment can only be found Within. It is an experience of that which we truly are. Whether we are living on with our lives or approaching our seeming death experience, the journey to ‘true self’ discovery is the same.

I assist people with very simple exercises that anyone can do, to rediscover their true nature. Once this discovery is made, not one of us could ever want to live without it. It is the end of suffering. It is liberation. Once we know the truth, the truth sets us free.

This is not an intellectual knowing. We can not know our true selves intellectually. The mind is limited in its capacity to experience our true nature. And once we rediscover our true being, we see the absolute insanity of living by such a limited sense of life through the mind.

True peace can only be found within our own beings. It is my greatest joy to help people to rediscover the truth of their being. This discovery, or recognition, IS the Purpose of our Life.


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