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A New Year ~ A NEW YOU❣️

Dec 30, 2019

A New Year... A NEW YOU❣️

 This can be your year of an anxiety-free & a HAPPY YOU. Meditation is the easiest and fastest way to shift our inner and outer world.

Simple Meditation Mastery

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Will this be your year?  Peace & Contentment can be YOURS!   www.christinabauer.com 

Check out these powerful offerings that will make 2020 a year apart from any other and begin your new life free from suffering.✨

Commit to a year of devotion and see how drastically your life improves 

Learning to successfully meditate allows the door to open to our calm, centered, pool of contentment within. The Unshakable Presence inside of each of us is just awaiting our recognition of it. This recognition brings it forth in our experiences. Life does not have to be at the whim and mercy of circumstances. WE can choose, watch, listen, and BE the calm of any passing storm🌫.

It is my joy to empower you to recognize your own Unshakable Presence within


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