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What Exactly is a Midwife of the Soul?

Nov 28, 2019

A Midwife of the Soul is:
one who assists others to recognize the true essence of their Being.

This is the true essence of their Life.

One does not need to be a Spiritual or Religious person to recognize the truth of their being. The true being lies within, beyond the thoughts in our minds.

The essence of our being has nothing to do with our personalities or the stories about ourselves that we think with our minds. The essence of our being is the animating life force that breathes our breath and pumps our hearts. When this animating life force ceases to be in the body, the body dies. The life leaves it. This true self that we are is a calm center, a tranquil peace that passes understanding.

When we are aware of it and allow ourselves to feel it, it brings absolute contentment, love, joy and peace. Some have called it our ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’. Others have called it ‘consciousness’ or ‘the presence within’. Whatever name we give it is...

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