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Meditation Training, Meditation Course, Present Moment Awareness, Awakening
Christina has created Courses to gently guide you to the True Self Within YOU. These have been developed to make your journey as fruitful as possible. We are here to grow and evolve and it is through these simple practices that we hold the key to our own evolution. Daily practice becomes easy with Christina's guidance. Meditation, The Practice of Being Present, Lessening Our Resistance by choosing what we give our Attention are just some of the Powerful practices that are offered here for you.


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Christina Bauer is a Spiritual Healer

& Teacher assisting those she works with to come into full Recognition of their True Self. Many have called her a Midwife of the Soul. Her knowledge and abilities to serve others are a result of a lifetime of study and personal development. From this place, Christina uses her extraordinary gifts to empower people to live a life that is connected, confident, intentional, and meaningful. She is known for her refined capacity to guide others within to the Source of their own Being. Through Healing Massage Therapies, Life Coaching, and Ayurvedic Healing, Christina assists those living in the Los Angeles area @ Christina Bauer Transformational Therapy Center as well as online worldwide.


These days many of us are yearning for any sense of Peace we can find in a world that seems to be constantly changing. We are bombarded with this information age in which we currently find ourselves. Most of us are uncertain of where we are heading as a species on the planet at this time. There seems to be no foundation upon which we can truly rely as our world is changing at ever-increasing speeds and we are doing all we can just to ‘keep up.’ The things that we could rely on in the past are no longer stable for us. College education, lifelong careers, health, marriage and family life, investments for our future, these things are all proving that security upon them is a thing of the past. Many of us are confused, scared, depressed, worried and constantly concerned. Finding any sense of security in these times is not easy. This is a time of great transformation and we need new tools to navigate this transition All the while, each and every one of us are walking through our lives with the KEY to our complete security and fulfillment. This key lies within our very own being. When we come to recognize the truth of our Real Self, beyond the thoughts and beliefs of our mind, we find ourselves free of all limitation. This reveals our Unshakeable Presence. All that we had been searching and yearning for from the world now shows forth from within. 

Christina's Best Selling Book

The Power of Our Unshakable Presence, Meditation, Present Moment Awareness, Christina Bauer, Awakening

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Christina's Daily Inspiration of Truth 3

Christina's Daily Inspiration Podcast

Christina shares daily inspirations of Truth from her own writings as well as many other inspiring authors and great Sages & Saints. Each daily reading will offer a contemplative meditation to inquire upon over the course of your day.  "A mind that is stayed upon truth is a law of harmony unto itself" ~ Joel Goldsmith

Christina Bauer Moving Beyond Illness, A

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The Central Nervous System governs almost every system in our body.

When we are able to calm down and relax at the Central Nervous System level;

 this is when healing begins. ​​​​

There are so many stressors in our world today.

I find that many of us tend to be in a state of chronic stress.

We may not even realize that we are running on fight or flight response to life every day.

This causes a consistent release of cortisol in the body and can lead to many health issues.

Through a direct focus on relaxing and becoming present in the moment,

our internal cellular structure begins to shift.

We literally begin to change.

We become healthier and happier.

This is when we begin to see changes in our outer world occur. 


~ Christina Bauer

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