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I have found Meditation to be the most valued asset of my life and it need not be complicated. Meditation has the Power to completely transform one's Life. There is a lot of hype about Meditation and many techniques and forms to choose from. This can be very confusing, as well as, frustrating. True Meditation is a simple practice that connects us with our Real Self . It is my joy to assist others in revealing this path. Together we work with simple practices that anyone can achieve. Sometimes when we try to meditate on our own, we question whether we are doing it correctly. It can be invaluable to work with a teacher who can assist in this beautiful journey to make it an easy and fruitful process. When we remember how to tap into our inner Self, our outer world begins to change in the most miraculous ways.

Christina Bauer, Midwife of the Soul, Transformational Therapy, Healing, Health, Awakening, Meditation, Massage
Meditation Christina Bauer

Just a Few Benefits of Meditation

Reduces Stress

Improves Concentration

Increases Self Awareness

Increases Happiness

Improves Overall Health & Immunity

Increases our Efficiency

Improves Energy

Improves Sleep

Slows Aging

Increases Acceptance

Encourages a Healthier Lifestyle

Decreases Pain

Beginning Meditation for YOU

Christina is also available for Group Meditation, Group Workshops and

Weekend Retreats.

For more information on

Meditation Training and Scheduling

Please Contact Christina Bauer


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