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These days many of us are yearning for any sense of Peace we can find in a world that seems to
be constantly changing. We are bombarded with this information age in which we currently find
ourselves. Most of us are uncertain of where we are heading as a species on the planet at this
time. There seems to be no foundation upon which we can truly rely as our world is changing at
ever increasing speeds and we are doing all we can just to ‘keep up.’ The things that we could
rely on in the past are no longer stable for us. College education, lifelong careers, health,
marriage and family life, investments for our future, these things are all proving that security
upon them is a thing of the past. Many of us are confused, scared, depressed, worried and
constantly concerned. This is a time of great transformation and we need new tools to navigate
this transition. We are realizing that all of the systems that have been in place until now are no
longer working to serve us as a society at large. The focus has been “me” centered, which has
led to our forgetting about all that surrounds us, including the future of our planet for our
children. Finding any sense of security in these times is not easy. All the while, each and every
one of us is walking through our lives with the KEY to our complete security and fulfillment. This
key lies within our very own being. When we come to recognize the truth of our Real
Self, beyond the thoughts and beliefs of our mind, we find ourselves free of all limitation. This is
our Unshakeable Presence. All that we had been searching and yearning for from the world now
shows forth from within. Fear, uncertainty, confusion, anxiety, depression and illness are but
facets of the personality that dissolve in the recognition of our True Self.
Nothing can shake us from this Peaceful Poise and Presence when we are in
contact with the truth of who we are.
This book has been written as an offering to bring forth your own recognition of this
Truth Within YOU✨
I invite you to join me upon this wondrous discovery of your own
Unshakable Presence.

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What Others Are Saying About Christina's book

"Christina's book was an unexpected delight, there were times I laughed right out loud. I found that at any time I was struggling with my self or others or life, I could open to any page and the writing spoke to my heart. Its not a book you need to read from cover to cover and for me its ended up next to my night stand.
A gift that inspires me to mediate more often and for longer periods of time." ~Michael B.
"I read this book at a time of great change in my life, and I just needed the peace that it gave to me. It provided me with more clarity on how to reach “The Unshakeable Presence,” within myself and it offers PRACTICAL & easy steps on how to get there.  It reminds me to Go back to God, my Higher Self in every moment and most especially in the moments of worry, sadness or frustration.  This book gives you a road map of how to easily access that wisdom within yourself. I think of it often...it's a practice, for sure, but I so appreciate the reminders." ~Kathleen H
"I’ll always be forever grateful for this book! Christina's ability to bring my authentic being into the present moment is beyond words. After reading her book I felt as if I had lost twenty pounds of weight, and the world was full of color. I had been brought into the beautiful world of Presence through her Grace. She has truly given me the tools to lead a life full of blessings and wonder.” ~ Lindsey H.
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