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These days many of us are yearning for any sense of Peace we can find in a world that seems to be constantly changing.

We are bombarded with this information age in which we currently find ourselves.

Most of us are uncertain of where we are heading as a species on the planet at this time.

There seems to be no foundation upon which we can truly rely as our world is changing at ever increasing speeds and we are doing all we can just to ‘keep up.’

What you'll get:

Lesson 1
What Is Our Unshakable Presence?

Lesson 2
We Are Living In A Perceptual World

Lesson 3
Three Powerful Practices for Awakening Our Unshakable Presence

Lesson 4
Support On The Journey

When we come to recognise the truth of our Real Self, beyond the thoughts and beliefs of our mind, we find ourselves free of all limitation. This reveals our Unshakeable Presence. All that we had been searching and yearning for from the world now shows forth from within. Fear, uncertainty, confusion, anxiety, depression, and illness are but facets of the personality that dissolve in the recognition of our True Self.

Mini Course~

The Power of our Unshakable Presence


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