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About Christina

Christina Bauer Massage Therapist, Life Coach, Meditation, Cancer Support

Christina has dedicated her life to the awareness of herself and all that surrounds her. Her knowledge and abilities to serve others are a result of a lifetime of study and personal development. From this place, Christina uses her extraordinary gifts to empower people to live a life that is connected, confident, intentional, and meaningful. She is known for her refined capacity to guide others within to the source of their own being. Through a 28-year practice, that has been built strictly by word of mouth, she has assisted thousands of people from all walks of life. She assists many who are living with Cancer and other Chronic or Terminal Conditions to rediscover their power, enabling them to make conscious and empowered choices for whatever may lie ahead.
Christina’s purpose is to hold space for healing and inspiration to take place within those she is assisting. Rather than focusing on the symptoms of our lives, she compassionately guides those she works with to the essence of the true nature where all symptoms and conflicts begin to dissolve.  She combines a variety of modalities of healing in her therapy work to accommodate each individual person where they are at the time.
Each day, she inspires and motivates people to discover their true selves and purpose work, assisting others in living a life of true happiness, vibrant health, and abundance. Charismatic and creative, Christina opens a space of safety and deep unconditional support, guiding each person to actualize his or her full health and potential. She is a compassionate guide and a truly gifted teacher and healer.


Christina Bauer, Life Coach, Meditiaton, Cancer Support, Massage Therapy

"The future lies ahead of us, but ‘NOW’ is where it is created. Every thought, emotion, reaction and action we have; serves to create our future. Each moment offers the opportunity to be Present. "Presence" is the most healing force I have ever known."                                                           
                                                  ~ Christina Bauer

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