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Christina has worked with many M.D's, N.D's, , D.O's, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and alternative healthcare colleagues over the years. As a result, she has received all of her Patients by Dr. Referrals and word of mouth. This has led her to work with thousands of people from all walks of life, with an extensive variety of conditions. Here are some of the things that Patients have said about working one on one with Christina.

"I had been living with Chronic Illness for many years that left every doctor I that saw, at a loss. Christina helped me to release deep seated trauma within me that I did not even know my body was storing. All chronic conditions have disappeared. Release and Healing are a powerful forces that I now know as Reality."

                                                ~Aaron S.


“I am finally living the life I always knew I could have. 

Christina helped me achieve, in just a few months, what I had been trying to achieve for years.”   


                                                               ~ Paul N.

"Christina helped me to turn my entire life around when all seemed to be falling apart. I had lost my wife, my job, my home, my self worth and confidence. With her loving attention and willingness to see me beyond my circumstances and stories, she helped me to remember who and what I am at the core of my being. This has been the greatest blessing of my life. From that point forward, everything in my life began to turn around and work for me in ways I couldn’t of even dreamed of."

~Brian B.

“Something amazing happened in my heart in my sessions with Christina. Being able to connect that childhood scene and circumstances with the way I had been feeling since the break up of my relationship was a true healing. But even far deeper reaching than that was our meeting in Truth. A meeting that there are really no words for. A deep drink of true self, One Self, the foundation and substance of all that is. Everybody wants to be seen, and it feels so wonderful to be seen as a person of beauty, merit and lovability. We all need that. The way that you were seeing me, and allowing me to see you, in truth, in our true essence, now THIS is the most fulfilling of all!

   ~ Shanti O.

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